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Compass gives you access to exclusive reports for even more insight into the industry.

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We are multifamily suppliers, too, so we know that having accurate, reliable contact, property, and management company data can help you get your foot in the door.

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  • Send Changes

    Have the changes we make emailed to you each Monday morning

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    Save your property searches and your sales routes for easy access

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    Routes to properties and management companies, or add your own

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    No matter the size of your device, take ALN with you! All the features you could need are in your pocket, your lap, or your desk

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    Wherever you are in your market, you can easily see the 20 closest properties to your location

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    Add notes from your meetings at properties from right on your mobile device so you don't ever miss any fresh details

What our Clients say

L. Snider

Great company to work with; ALN and staff have been a partner for over 20 years. We highly recommend their services.

K. Lee

ALN is committed to getting info about multi-family market changes, and it has been a huge win for me as a vendor needing data to know how best to serve my clients. They are also happy to help you understand how best to use their information to find what you need!

E. Luke

By far a game changer for me! As a sales rep I get pulled in a bunch of different directions. ALN has saved me time and effort when it comes to narrowing down prospective accounts, mapping our my route and staying informed on current ownership, mgmt. co., regional supervisors & property managers. Also shout out to Brenda, she has excellent customer service and has been a huge help with getting me set up. Now I am a ALN pro.

4.6 average review on Google with 30 reviews

97.34% of new users Agree or Strongly Agree that they feel prepared to utilize ALN's services after training.

99.24% of new users say they Agree or Strongly Agree that the training objectives were met.

0 - 15 Minutes per day - 38.8%
15 - 30 MInutes per day - 19.4%
30 - 60 Minutes per day - 20.4%
More than 1 Hour per day - 21.4%

Daily User - 52%
Occasional User - 37%
Power User - 9%
You guys sound familiar... - 1%

4.4 (average)

We want to provide the most amazing customer services along with the best data. These are just some of the results from our client surveys spanning the last three years.