Data Piracy

Piracy is defined, in part, as copying and/or distribution of software for personal and/or business use without the authorization of the copyright holder. ALN Apartment Data, Inc. works hard to provide the most accurate and cost-efficient services in the Multifamily industry. When piracy occurs, it not only hurts the integrity of our offerings, it also affects our clients by potentially raising the cost of our services or preventing ALN from upgrading our platforms.

Here are some ways you can help ALN Apartment Data, Inc. by preventing theft of our data:

  • Do not share your login credentials with anyone
  • Do not use someone else’s login
  • Unless ALN is sourced as the data resource, do not provide details, data, reports or information obtained through your login to any person or company who is not a client of ALN
  • Do not ask an ALN client for details, data, reports or information obtained through their login
  • Do not resell any part of ALN’s service
  • Do not post any part of ALN’s database to any site without explicit permission from ALN
  • Carefully and fully read the Terms & Conditions for accessing ALN’s service(s)
  • If an employee is no longer employed by your company, please contact ALN to remove that person’s access and deactivate login.
  • Do not use any details, data, reports or information obtained through your subscription to create, enhance or maintain another data service or product
  • Immediately report anyone to ALN Apartment Data, Inc. if they have pirated our details, data, reports or information


Piracy is a very severe crime, subject in some cases to possible jail time and fines that reach into the tens of thousands of dollars. Help keep our staff employed, our data and services accurate and cost-efficient, and our clients happy.

Report unauthorized access to ALN’s platforms and use of pirated ALN content/data by calling us at 800-643-6416 or email support@aldata.com.

Thank you for your assistance.

Your ALN Team