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Now What?

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Search properties across the entire country. Amenities, number of units, occupancy, manager, and a lot more.

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Search contact information on Managers to Area Supervisors, VP’s to C Suite and everyone in between.

Management Companies
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Search Management Companies, viewing their portfolio in ways you’ve never been able to do before until now.

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What We Offer

We provide platforms that allow our supplier clients to search contacts, properties, management companies, new construction, create sales routes, and more. Whether you have one office or are nationwide, we offer access to data in 180+ markets across the country.

For thirty years, ALN Apartment Data has provided reliable multifamily data to our clients. Today, thousands of suppliers use our platforms to grow their business, find new leads, and target their marketing like never before.

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Second Half of 2021 Trade Shows

NameEvent DateEvent End DateALN Booth NumberState
2020 GNAA7/1/2021113TN
2021 AAMD7/28/2021601CO
2021 FCAA7/29/202135FL
2021 AAGD8/4/2021142TX
2021 GCNKAA8/12/202110OH
2021 GCAA8/19/202178NC
2021 NAA Apartmentalize8/31/20219/2/20211424IL
2021 AAA TX9/9/2021231TX
2021 DMAA/IREM9/22/2021307MI
2021 HAA9/22/2021533TX
2021 SAAA9/30/2021807TX
2021 Tyler AA10/12/202118TX
2021 IAA10/12/202110/13/2021412IN
2021 VAMA MiniCon10/12/2021VA
2021 FAA10/13/202110/15/2021410FL
2021 AAA10/13/2021125GA
2021 UAA10/19/2021UT
2021 AATC11/16/2021409TX

Why do suppliers love using ALN?

Here are the top three things that our clients mention.


From Property Managers to RPM’s, Supervisors to Management Company locations, our supplier clients love being able to know the names of the people they’re contacting.

Weekly Change Reports

Our clients are empowered when they receive vital Property Managers, Area Supervisors, Property Names and Management Company changes right in their inbox!

Sales Routing

Your team needs to know where they’re going! Our supplier clients can route properties, management companies, and add any address to their routes, then send it via text or email.

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