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On-Site Personnel

Updating your data isn’t just about your property, we want to share vital information with you about your surrounding area! It also saves you a phone call!


Built for Management Companies, Brokers, Lenders, Appraisers, & Tax Assessors. Optimize the performance of your research by utilizing data with depth and integrity.


Our feature-rich sales & marketing enablement platform for Suppliers allows you to search for up-to-date property and contact info, and Management Company portfolios.

What We Offer

We provide platforms that allow our clients to search properties, management companies, new construction, create custom reports, and more. Whether you are local or span the country, we offer access to data in 180+ markets nationwide.

For thirty years, ALN Apartment Data has provided reliable multifamily data to our clients. Today, thousands of multifamily professionals use our platforms to make intelligent, data driven business decisions.

Meet the Sales Team

Why do multifamily professionals love using ALN?

Here are the top three things that our clients mention.


From occupancy to rent, concessions to amenities, our clients love being able to access the most current information available.


Our clients are empowered when they are able to create custom market surveys, brand them, save them, and update them at any time!

Ease of Use

What good is a data provider if you can’t figure out how to use them? Our clients benefit from having live training (at no cost) and an intuitive interface.

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