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Vendor Guide The Vendor Guide is property management's most comprehensive, trusted tool for sourcing qualified vendors. Founded in 1984 in Dallas, Texas, The Vendor Guide has grown from a local publication to a national online resource site reaching thousands of management decision makers on a regular basis. They have continued to bridge the gap between property managers and vendors by offering faster and more efficient ways to build productive relationships within the multi-family and commercial industry. Their state-of-the-art graphics and easy to use format make the go-to site for connecting with the vendors you need.
DHA Dale Henson Associates, Inc. (DHA) is a Real Estate Market Analyst and Development Advisor providing services such as Market and Economic Feasibility, Acquisition Due Diligence, Redevelopment Strategy, Market Tracking and Metro Positioning. Since 1992, DHA has produced the semiannual Atlanta Apartment Tracker (TM) and Apartment Pipeline (TM) Report which has been the benchmark measure of the Atlanta Apartment Market. In recognition of this, The Atlanta Apartment Association has selected Dale Henson Associates as its designated consultant.
u Move Free UMoveFree is a full scale apartment locating agency that provides the most inclusive free move offer in the industry. With dozens of experienced apartment locators working hand-in-hand with prospective tenants, there is no company in the free move business as experienced or innovative as UMoveFree
StrataGPoint is dedicated to offering high quality management support to client's in the multi-family, mixed-use, condominium and townhome real estate industries.  Our operations expertise combined with extensive experience and a network of industry colleagues, act as operations and training arms of companies in need of additional resources.  In today's market StrataGPoint is your best source for value-driven, "customized" and turn-key professional services. 
Multifamily Insiders is the networking hub for the apartment industry, providing a place for multifamily professionals and investors to network, coordinate more effectively, and share ideas, experiences, and knowledge with each other, all for free!  The site has the largest collection of multifamily-specific blogs and discussion groups, as well as document sharing, job listings, and other networking opportunities.  The site serves all different levels of multifamily professional, whether you are an onsite leasing specialist, corporate executive, multifamily investor, maintenance professional, or apartment vendor, we have features that will help develop your career and business in new and exciting ways.
Apartment Registration is a remarkable link between On-Site Apartment personnel and Apartment Locators. It is designed to inform apartments which Locators are sending what traffic and helps Locators get credit for their work as well as ensure apartment management is actually paying for services rendered. With automated registrations, easy notification between all parties, online lease verification and up-to-date activity reports, will help you get paid for your work as well as pay only for work provided!


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